5 comments on “Salseoul Sampler #3

  1. Finally came around to listen this one. Nice selection with some old favourites of mine – and some sweet discoveries! “Dick St. Nicklaus – Born To Love You” is great… love the groove on this one! “Jah Wobble – Hold On To Your Dreams” – – – haven’t played this one for a while – but it got my attention when listening to your selection. Great 80ies balearic song! “Pedro Santos – Agua Viva”… ahhhh! This song is an über-favourite of mine… sooo soooo good! Bossa Nova Brazil whateva’ madness with that special bubblin’ underwater groove… The whole album is great – full of weird charming Brazil meets Exotica songs. Got a vinyl copy last year (I think there was a limited reissue a few years ago – probably a bootleg. But the sound was good + some nice liner notes – and the original seems to sell for crazy money)…

    If you like “Salma Agha – Come Closer” – you and some of your readers might enjoy this nice dancefloor friendly edit: http://soundcloud.com/tdaance/comecloseredit

    Cheers; Fiete

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